The most frequently used cage: This cage  
is one of the best on the market! It is very  
stable, and doesn't lose its shape even  
after it has been used many times. It  
incorporates thicker metal to give stability.
Usage: Rearing caterpillars, pairing of  
moths and butterflies, egg depositing.

Usage: Emerging of pupae and cocoons,  
pairing, egg depositing, rearing smaller  
caterpillars or stick insects. Eggs are easy  
to remove from the netting!

The big brother of the family! They are  
large enough to put full potted plants  
inside, or many large branches so that  
caterpillars have lots of space to grow.
Usage: Rearing using lots of foodplant  
making less work, or pairing bigger or more  
delicate species like Actias maenas or  
Attacus species that need lots of room.

Size cm :
Size inch :
Price :
1-2 :
3-9 :
10+ :

30x30x30 cm
12x12x12 inch

14,50 Euro
13,50 Euro
12,50 Euro
Size cm :
Size inch :
Price :
1-2 :
3-9 :
10+ :
40x40x75 cm
16x16x30 inch

21,00 Euro
17,50 Euro
15,50 Euro
Size cm :
Size inch :
Price :
1 :
2 :
3+ :
80x80x150 cm
31.5x31.5x60 inch

60,00 Euro
52,50 Euro
47,50 Euro

- Parasite proof: Made of fine mesh to protect your caterpillars. Parasites cannot get inside.
- Collapsible: All cages are collapsible, so they don't take much space when not in use.
- Ventilation: Most sides are of netting for good ventilation.
- Cleaning: Very easy to clean with water, disinfect or bleach. They won't become mouldy!
- Solid: All cages are made with strong metal, so that they are very stable, even after using for years.
- Handles: Easy to carry or secure by their handles.

Shippingcosts: Depends on quantity and Destination. For ordering, please send me an Email with full address and quantity
Small cage 30 x 30 x 30 cm
Medium cage 40 x 40 x 75 cm

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