Acanthobrahmaea europae (Sauter, 1967)
Monte Volture, Italy
Pupae, around 0-6 C
20-24 Hours
8-15 Days
Ligustrum vulgare, Syringa, Fraxinus
Pupae emerge during the day. Pairing is very easy in a small
cage. It is better to put some branches inside so the
females can deposit there Eggs easy. Caterpillars can be
reared on watered branches. First instars they feed in
groups, later stages more separate. When ready to pupate,
they walk for a day around, before they go into the
ground. Pupae can be easily overwintered in closed
containers in the refrigerator, but will emerge very soon in
the Spring. If kept still cool, they emerge in the
refrigerator, so not only warm weather will trigger them to
emerge, they also seem to have some kind of biological
clock. After they got into the warmth, they will emerge in
about 1 week. Some pupae may not emerge and will do 1
year later.

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Acanthabrahmaea europaea pupae front © M. Fischer

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