Archaeoattacus edwardsi (White, 1859)

Origin :
Flight time :
Overwintering :
Pairing :
Broods :
Egg stage :
Foodplants :
Buthan, China, India, Nepal
Depends on origin
12 Hours
Probably 1 or 2
Ailanthus, Ligustrum, Prunus, Salix, Syringa
Young caterpillars can be best reared in open conditions (sleeved on  
foodplants). Full grown larva are around 8 cm. I think they are very  
similar to Attacus atlas in rearing, but not very easy. Adults will most  
likely emerge in June - July. Pairings should be difficult if used a large  
cage (60 cm) , and starts in the early morning. No extra heat or  
humidity is needed.  

Any information is welcome!

Archaeoattacus edwardsii 6th instar © E. Azipha

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