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Actias luna (Linnaeus, 1758)

Canada to Mexico
May - June, and 1-2 more broods
20 Hours, easy
8-12 Days
Liquidamber, Juglans, Betula, Quercus
Origin :
Flight time :
Overwintering :
Pairing :
Broods :
Egg stage :
Foodplants :
This species is very easy to rear. Cocoons can be overwintered in the  
refrigerator, and after taking them out, they emerge in around 4  
weeks. Pairing is easy in cold conditions, mostly starts in the evening  
until the next evening. The female starts to lay her eggs after she has  
mated. The larva are easy to rear. First instars in smaller boxes, but  
after 3rd instar it is better to keep them in (cool) airy conditions, and  
don't overcrowd. There are 2-3 broods. The more south they come, 3  
broods are usual, in northern parts only 2.

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