Agapema anona cocoon
Agapema anona anona (Ottolengui, 1903)

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Arizona, Mexico
July - November
Probably the cocoons
In the morning, very easy
Rhamnus frangula, Condalia sp., Rhus microphylla,  
Sarcobatus, Ceanothus(?)
These species starts to emerge in July until December, but the most  
will do in half October until November. They emerge at daytime, most  
of them in the noon. Pairing is easy, and very brief the same evening,  
starting from around 21:30 and lasts for about 30 minutes. After that,  
the female starts to lay almost all of her eggs the same night. If the  
female didn't pair, she doesn't lay the eggs, only a few after some  
days. Eggs should emerge in late Spring, but I kept them warm around  
20°C [68F] and they start to emerge after around 2 weeks. So I think  
they should be kept cold.

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