Antherina suraka 5th instar © D. Rodilloso
Antherina suraka (Boisduval, 1883)

Origin :
Flight time :
Overwintering :
Pairing :
Broods :
Egg stage :
Foodplants :
20 Hours, easy
2, but probably more
14 Days
Crataegus, Fagus, Ligustrum, Liquidamber, Salix
This is the only species of these genies. It is not always easy to rear.  
Sometimes it will be without any problems, other times they just die.  
In early 2-3 instars they can be reared in boxes, but keep them clean.  
Later instars on bottled foodplants, but not overcrowded! They like  
warm and humid conditions. Caterpillars can have very different  
colors. Just before they spin a cocoon, they chance color into blue.

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