Automeris (Hubner, 1819)

Automeris cecrops cecrops
Automeris cecrops pamina
Automeris colenon
Automeris denudata
Automeris excreta
Automeris frankae
Automeris hamata
Automeris hesselorum
Automeris illustris
Automeris incarnata
Automeris innoxia
Automeris io io
Automeris iris iris
Automeris larra
Automeris lemairei
Automeris maeonia maeonia
Automeris montezuma
Automeris naranja naranja
Automeris oaxacensis
Automeris patagoniensis
Automeris randa
Automeris tridens
Automeris zephyria
Automeris zizone

This is only a small selection of Automeris

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