Citheronia regalis male © G. Saunders
Citheronia regalis (Fabricius, 1793)

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Overwintering :
Pairing :
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Foodplants :
Athens, Alabama, USA
20 Hours, not easy
7-10 Days
Juglans, Rhus, Liquidamber, Salix and many more
This species is very nice to rear. The caterpillars get very huge, and  
are impressive! Pairing of this species is not always easy. If they are  
inbreed, pairing is almost impossible. Pairing takes around 20 hours,  
and females can lay almost all eggs in 1 night, or will take up to a  
week. She can lay up to 300 eggs. The eggs should be kept in airy  
condition when almost ready, and not to many with each other. Young  
caterpillars start to eat very quick, and from then on, rearing is not  
difficult. The caterpillars get really huge! When ready to pupate, the  
caterpillar changes colour, and will walk around all day. You can put it  
into a box with soil, and they start to dig in very soon. Don't disturb  
them for 2 weeks. After they have pupated, you can take them out  
the soil, or leave them in. Overwintering can be done into the  
refrigerator. Put them in an air closed container, en put some paper  
towels and a few drops of water inside. They need for several Month  
feel the cold, but don't put them below freezing point. You can take  
them out in Spring, and they start to emerge within 1-2 Months. They  
don't emerge very quick of each other, so you need a bigger amount  
to get a pairing. Emerging is in the morning.

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