Coscinocera hercules (Miskin, 1875)

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Overwintering :
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Broods :
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Foodplants :
Rearing :
Australia, Papua new Guinea
All year
Handpairing preferred
Ligustrum, Syringa, Prunus serotina
This is a tropical species, and should be reared as Attacus.
First instars are best in a bigger box with some leaves, no
extra moisture. But they can also be reared on the
foodplant, only I am not sure if they take watered branches
in the early instars. If reared in containers, be sure they are
cleaned every day! Pairing is not easy, because they are
very lasy. Handpairing preferred.
Coscinocera hercules 5th instar © O. Bouteleux

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