Eacles imperialis oslari (Rothschild, 1907)

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Overwintering :
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Egg stage :
Foodplants :
Rearing :
Mexico, Arizona
July - August
20 Hours
1 ?
Oak, Juglans, Sweetgum
Oslari is a very nice species to rear. Not easy, specially in the
early stages. After emerging from the egg, you can put
them into closed containers from L1-3, but always keep
them very clean! Also the leaves. I think it is best not to
put to many caterpillars together, they easily get sick and
die. From L4 they can be kept in larger (open) cages on
watered branches. From then on it is no problem. Larva can
be brown and green! Before they pupate, they change
color and walk for 1-2 days. Put them into a box with
ground. After 2 weeks they have pupated and can be dig
up. Store them cold, and in spring you can warm them up.
Hatching is not simultaneous, pairing should be easy. The
eggs will show a light brown 'ring' on the egg, that shows
it is fertile. 1-2 days before they hatch, you can see the
caterpillars inside
Eacles imperialis oslari female © G. Saunders

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