Syntherata escarlata larva © World of Silkmoths
Syntherata escarlata (Lane, Edwards @ Naumann, 2010)

30 Minutes at night
1012 Days
Ligustrum, Prunus laurocerasus, Oleander, Citrus,  
Alphotonia, Evodiella, Proteaceae, Darlingia
Origin :
Flight time :
Overwintering :
Pairing :
Broods :
Egg stage :
Foodplants :
Adults emerge in the evening. Females start laying few eggs the first  
night already, even if not paired. Pairing is very brief in the night, and  
probably best in warmer conditions. A small cage can be used for it.  
This species can be distinguished by its color from the caterpillars.  
DNA technique is very precise. But most adults look similar. You can  
keep the young caterpillars in a container. From instar 3-4 you can  
keep them in open condition. It looks they like fresh ligustrum.  
Temperature can be warm.

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