Hemileuca hualapai (Neumoegen, 1883)

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Broods :
Egg stage :
Foodplants :
Rearing :
South Arizona - Mexico
March - June
July - August
Grasses, Bouteloua, maybe bamboo?
This Moth emerges from end March until June. Eggs
emerge in July and August, after a heavy rainfall. I think the
caterpillars can best be kept in dry condition, like the
Automeris patagoniensis or colenon. Sprinkle with water
every once in a while but not every day. They have 5 to 8
instars depending on the availability of the  foodplant. They
got large quite quickly but then seemed to take a fairly 
long time to finish up. They do like to rest during the day.
"In the wild in the second instar they were at the top of
long grass  stems in the middle of the day."
Hemileuca hualapai male

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