Rothschildia (Grote, 1896)

Rothschildia aurota aurota
Rothschildia cincta
Rothschildia cincta guerreronis
Rothschildia condor
Rothschildia erycina erycina
Rothschildia erycina mexicana
Rothschildia erycina nigrescens
Rothschildia hesperus hersperus
Rothschildia hopfferi
Rothschildia inca inca
Rothschildia jacobaeae
Rothschildia jurulla
Rothschildia lebeau lebeau
Rothschildia lebeau aroma
Rothschildia lebeau forbesi
Rothschildia lebeau inca
Rothschildia orizaba
Rothschildia orizaba equatorialis
Rothschildia orizaba oroaxacana
Rothschildia yucatana
Rothschildia zacateca

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